about me


Where to begin? I am 23 years young, I am a college student with a thirst for exploring and making everyday into an adventure. I embarked on a journey about two years ago, destined to discover every exciting endeavor that life could bestow on me. That adventure has taken me to gardens, museums, cemeteries, mansions, and to the edge of a cliff. Some adventures have been big, and other have been small, but regardless of the size they have all made a lasting impression on me. Now where does this blog fit into the mix? Along my many adventures, I have made many memories that will be with me for a lifetime, and now I hope to share these memories with you, allowing you to make your own life long memories as well.

You may use this blog as you wish, it is merely a roadmap to show you what is out there. You can choose to do one thing, two things, or just spread the word. I am an amateur blogger, so please don't rail me on any spelling or grammatical mistake, haha I do this on my free time and fairly enjoy it. If you have any recommendations, comments, questions feel free to reach out to me either via email or either of my Instagram profiles @kriswithakay or @getlostwithkris

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