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"The Arts District occupies the eastern side of Downtown Los Angeles. Its borders are Alameda Street on the west, the 101 freeway on the north, the LA River to the east, and 10 freeway to the south. The Arts District is filled with older industrial and former railroad buildings. In 1981, the City of Los Angeles passed its "Artist in Residence" or "AIR" ordinance, which allowed residential use of formerly industrial buildings - artists had long used such spaces as living quarters illegally, and the AIR law sought to bring this practice into legality and regulation...Today the Arts District remains the home of artists, arts enterprises and many employed in L.A.s film and television industry...The Arts District is one of the most filmed locations in the world, hosting as many as 800 filming days a year. Projects shot there include Meet Me in St Louis, Ed Wood, Terminator 2, Monster in Law, the TV series NCIS LA, Flash Forward, Castle, Numbers, The Office, and House."

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"Los Angeles is quite a new city, the second largest in the United States. Following Cartagena and Shanghai, JR wants to bring his Wrinkles of the City project to Los Angeles in 2011. This time, the purpose of the project isn't to meet witnesses of the changes that have occurred in the city or in their own lives. Los Angeles is the place where the Hollywood myth was born, with its stars system, the glamour and the beauty being part of the identity of the city. For this project, JR wishes to oppose the wrinkles of old people living in LA and the marks of their past with the image of perfection or regenerated beauty in the XXIst century. For instance, in Southern California, plastic surgery is no longer a luxury but a lifestyle. It is now socially accepted, above all cultural and social barriers."

Wrinkles of the City - Los Angeles

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This street artist is making his mark in Downtown LA, and definitely making a lasting impression on people. Having artwork all through Los Angeles, you can be walking through the city, and bump into one of these colorful masterpieces. This Audrey Hepburn street art is located on 118 Winston Street, on the side of a Subway. The colors pop in a ocean of buildings, look as though it's a mirage.

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"WRDSMTH may be new to L.A.’s street art scene, but he or she is already making their presence felt. The image of an antiquated typewriter is simple and striking. There's something different going on, and as a viewer you have to get closer to see what it is. When you do, you might be caught off guard by the smart, witty text.

WHO: As a writer in Hollywood, WRDSMTH is no longer just a fan of the city's signature industry but a willing participant. He/she wants to challenge people to think about the craft of writing and the effect words can have. WRDSMITH says: “I hope these indelible thoughts of mine that are temporarily tattooed on the walls of L.A. resonate. If they do, let me know.” Okay, WRDSMTH, consider yourself tapped. We're watching and waiting to see where you'll appear next.

WHAT: WRDSMTH's dictum is sobering: “Don’t ever say you want to be a writer. You are a writer. Period.” Millions of people come to Hollywood with a vision, but there’s a slippery slope between wonderment and washout. WRDSMTH wants you to stand up tall and have faith in your words. Are you up to the challenge?"

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"Jennifer Korsen is an LA based artist that works in many mediums. Her mixed media pieces, paintings, and street installations can be seen regularly around Los Angeles galleries, pop up shows, and public spaces. Besides LA her work has been shown in Portland, Seattle, New York, Germany, The UK, and more. Korsen's recent work is centered around the heart in several different environments and interpretations. Showing since 2009, her work has been featured and published on local and international levels, painted on public walls, and collected extensively by anatomy and art enthusiasts alike. Korsen's street art installations have caught the eye of bloggers, gallerists, and collectors and landed her in shows with some of the worlds top street artists and rising contemporary stars. Currently represented by Lab Art, The Gabba Gallery, and The Hive Gallery in Los Angeles..."

I got the pleasure of seeing some of Jennifer's art work during Downtown Art Walk, and she is definitely an artist with new and innovating ideas. Looking at her art work immediately makes one feel filled with happiness. I put one of Jennifer's business cards on the back of my iPhone, and as I was having dinner with the friend, the waitress noticed my phone and said "You know Jennifer?" She's definitely on her way to making her mark on Los Angeles' art scene. 

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PARKing by Banksy

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"British street artist Banksy held a west coast premiere for his film "Exit Through the Gift Shop" on Monday inside the Los Angeles Theatre, but not before leaving a few new pieces scattered across the city. This one, located just a few blocks away at 908 S. Broadway, is oddly neighborhood-appropriate. Just a block away, a resident group is trying to find $6.6 million to convert a parking lot into a grassy park space with a small playground. They hope to get $5 million of that through the state's Proposition 84 park grants. Over 1,000 projects statewide applied for funding from the program, which has $184 million to distribute in its first round. Banksy's 'Parking' piece went up on Sunday night."

Vista Hermosa Park

100 N. Toluca Street, Los Angeles, CA

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"Located at the western gateway to Downtown, 10.5-acre Vista Hermosa Park is the latest project of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) that boldly returns the serenity and diversity of nature to the Los Angeles urban core. Developed in collaboration with the Los Angeles Unified School District and the City of Los Angeles, Vista Hermosa is the first public park built in this densely populated area in more than a hundred years.

The park features walking trails, streams, meadows, oak savannahs, picnic grounds, and a nature-themed playground amidst native Mediterranean vegetation. A FIFA-regulation soccer field is jointly used by the adjacent Edward R. Roybal Learning Center and the L.A. Department of Recreation and Parks. An outdoor amphitheater in a grotto provides an ideal setting for environmental and natural history education, and other public events."

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